09 May
Best Protein Supplements for Women to Lose FAT Fast in 2019
Best Protein Supplements for Women to Lose FAT Fast in 2019

There is a common miss conception that taking protein supplements and building muscle mass make women fat. But this is totally wrong. Scientifically it works just opposite. It is scientifically proven that building lean muscles is a quicker and effective way to lose fat. Taking protein supplements during weight loss and diet plans helps to keep up figure and form. Building lean muscle will only improve figure while shedding all the fat around body.


Moreover, protein supplements like whey protein make women feel less hungry and decrease hunger. Protein bars also provide strength in between meals. Protein supplements are best to keep up with your strength before and after work out.

Protein is essential for women health as it wards off muscle weakness and assists to maintain energy and strength. A high quality protein supplement with healthy ingredients can be used for many purposes like losing weight, boosting metabolism, gaining strength and building muscles.

That is why MyProtein has developed an extensive range of exceptional protein supplements for effective and rapid fat loss especially for women.

Active Women Meal Replacement

Active Women Meal Replacement is a perfect blend of protein and all the essential nutrient, minerals, vitamins and fibre that can conveniently be used as a proper and balanced meal replacement. This protein supplement is ideal for the women who lead an active life style and want to stay fit. It is full of flavour, yet one meal portion contains only 200 calories that makes it the best meal for losing weight. Rich in Biotin it contains extraordinary benefits that contribute to overall health of women. Active Women Meal Replacement is the best partner of women in achieving the goal losing fat without compromising the nutritional side in a perfect cost-effective way. 

Active Women Diet Blend

Active women diet blend is a flavourful protein shake for health conscious women. This formula is specifically designed keeping in mind the nutritional needs of active women while keeping the calorie count to the lowest to 96 calories per serving. High in excellent quality protein this protein shake enhances metabolism and builds lean muscles. Consuming it before workouts or after workouts provides added benefit of triggering fat loss. It is available in several natural flavours like vanilla, toasted marshmallow, chocolate, fudge brownie and strawberry and cream.

Active Women Vegan Blend

Many women are turning to vegan protein and plant-based protein shakes are getting more popular. MyProtein Vegan Blend has developed top notch high protein formula with the trio blend of Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, and Hemp Protein that makes it a super combination of all the plant based nutrients that are quickly digestible. Vegan Blend provides abundance of amino acids with 22g of protein per serving making it a brilliant protein supplement for the women with fitness goals with deliciously irresistible chocolate smooth flavour or unflavoured if you prefer to use it with fruit juices. Retain your muscles, tone your figure and lose fat with Vegan Blend.

Total Breakfast

Total Breakfast is a ready-made solution to include a healthy and nutritional breakfast that is packed with super 27g protein, oats, activated barely, caffeine and extra fatty acid. The composition of all the healthy nutrients and fibres from oats and barley makes Total Breakfast a super food to kick start your day with a comprehensively nutritional but low calorie meal.  Combination of all essential vitamins, iron, zinc and magnesium makes it best daily intake supplement for women. Total Breakfast is an energizing meal for the women who strive to become healthy and lean and also for the women who train to get toned up and build lean muscles. It is available in four different flavours that add variety for regular use.

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Impact Whey Protein

Impact Whey protein is a Grade A Labdoor ranking powder with extraordinary 21g of high quality protein per serving. It contains natural whey protein with 4.5g BCCAs with the lowest fat count. Women with healthy life goals can easily use this shake before or after workouts to reap all the benefits of digestible whey protein without getting worried about weight gain. It helps to achieve fast recovery after heavy training session or HIIT and expedites metabolism to have maximum calorie burning after work outs. You also don’t have to compromise your taste buds as this extremely high protein powder has two exclusive flavours of Vanilla and smooth chocolate.

MyBar Zero

If you have a sweet tooth but you want to eat healthy snack that is sugarless, high in protein and nutritious, then MyBar Zero must be your choice. These milk protein bars contain less saturated fats and 90% lower carbs than other protein bars. Women can include these in their diet plans for a quick munch during work without adding to the calorie count. MyBar Zero is also a perfect choice for increasing daily protein intake during training sessions for increasing or toning muscles. MyBar Zero is available in five mouth-watering flavours of Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate, Almond Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla and Apple Cinnamon to take care of your sweet cravings in the healthy and fat free way.

MyProtein provides the best supplements for women to get rid of fat and embrace a fit life fast. A complete breakfast, meal and snack solution is there with healthy and nutritional supplements that are easy to take, delightful in taste, quickly digestible and cost-effective. Get ready to welcome a new lean and healthy you.

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