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Hydraa Cup 700 ML

Hydraa cup 700 ML, 2 sides each side is 350 ML enjoy 2 drinks in one cup...

4.500 BHD

KN95 FACE MASK - 5pcs/Pack

5 Layers; composition content:(1) outermost ply 50g nonwoven fabric(2) 25g of the second layer of 95..

2.500 BHD

Vortex Mixer 450 ML

Vortex Mixer 450 ML.HIGH-PERFORMANCE QUALITY- The Mixer is designed to achieve the best quality..

9.000 BHD
Water Jug 2.2 L SOLD OUT

Water Jug 2.2 L

A great and convenient way to reach your daily fluid intake, the Jug holds 2.2 Litres.BPA Free:..

5.500 BHD